€2900 >  custom made BELLPERRE Uniq 15PRO: the ultimate in luxury mobility, when everyday elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship!
€3200 > World’s finest luxury phones custom made in The Netherlands! The One&Only rosé gold BELLPERRE Uniq 15PRO, finest exotic leather. 👌www.Bellperre.com/uniq
€2600 • BELLPERRE for Android 👌👌👌
World’s finest luxury communications with the mesmerising BELLPERRE Uniq 14PRO/15PRO (Max) up to 1TB. See link in bio
€3200 > Ready to Order Now: the One&Only rosé gold BELLPERRE Uniq 15PRO, brown croco, matching pouch and airpods. www.Bellperre.com/uniq
The One&Only BELLPERRE Uniq 15PRO. Ready to order! Design via www.Bellperre.com/uniq
With this upcoming upgrade, the BELLPERRE Team has been committed to enhance the aesthetics, durability and quality of its luxury phone further than ever. Powered by 15PRO (max)! Design & order via link in bio.
World's finest luxury phones powered by latest specifications, iOS & Android. Finest authentic materials only! 👌👌
Enjoying last days of summer!! 🕶️☀️🐊What are your plans for the weekend?
Anti scratch sapphire crystal glass for your BELLPERRE Classic! Black Solid Steel & rose gold buttons, flawless shark, lizard or crocodile leather! Design & Buy your timeless masterpiece via www.bellperre.com/classic
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The ultimate in custom made luxury communications!! Powered by Android & iOS ! Mixed gold & steel with hand written engraving!
€2700 • World’s finest luxury phones!!
BELLPERRE Icon S23 Ultra, superior steel with Cloud de Paris engraving perfectly blended with finest shark leather! 🦈👌
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World’s finest luxury phones!
-powered by Android or 14 pro (max)!
-design & order: www.bellperre.com
-global shipping 
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Wrapped in 1 single piece of flawless shark skin - custom made Airpods Pro2 - engraving optional - Design online: www.bellperre.com/airpods-pro-2
These AirPods Pro 2 have better sound quality and better noise reduction, so you can enjoy your favorite songs even better. The new pressure-sensitive sensors allow you to adjust the volume by swiping up or down. In addition, the battery life has also been improved so that you have to charge the earphones less often. Together with the charging case, the earphones last for 30 hours. Excellent sound quality and noise reduction The sound quality is excellent, so you can clearly hear both high and low tones. The balance is automatically adjusted based on the content you are listening to so that the sound is always optimal. These AirPods support active noise reduction, so you can listen to your music quietly in a busy environment, because the outside noises are filtered out. There is also a transparency mode so you can have a conversation without taking the earphones off. Control via the earphones You control the earphones via the pressure-sensitive stems, without having to use your phone. Press once to pause, twice to skip a track and swipe up or down to adjust the volume. This way you can leave your phone in your pocket while running! Longer battery life The AirPods Pro 2 last up to 6 hours on a single battery charge, which is enough for most users to get through the day. Do you still need more power? Then the charging case still offers enough power to fully charge the earphones four times. Easy to find Do you often lose your earphones? This is no problem with the Apple AirPods Pro 2! Both earphones have built-in speakers that let you beep when you've lost them. You never have to look for them again before you go out the door!
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World's finest luxury phones custom made, flawless lizard, rosé gold. Designed online via bellperre.com/icon or contact@bellperre.com
BELLPERRE Icon S23 Ultra, perfect outside & inside:
-Due to the powerful hardware, it can handle all heavy tasks or games
-The 200-megapixel main camera takes the sharpest photos down to the deepest details
-Thanks to the improved Vision Booster, your screen is also easy to read in direct sunlight
-The large battery life ensures that your device lasts a very long time
-Notes or hands-free selfies, the pencil is the ultimate multitask gadget
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BELLPERRE Uniq 14PRO 1TB, 1500 diamonds full pave !
BELLPERRE Classic, timeless luxury phones custom made in The Netherlands.
BELLPERRE can make it happen!! Design your own car key! All cars & leather types, colours possible. Gold, Rose, Steel or Black Metal finish. With personal engraving. Order online or via DM or contact@bellperre.com
The BELLPERRE phones unusual design and fine handcrafted details, define their sophisticated and contemporary character, the evolution of BELLPERRE’s tradition!
Bellperre Icon powered by S23 Ultra! €2600 Designed online: www.bellperre.com/icon
€3200 Everyday Elegance & Contemporary Craftsmanship for custom made Android and iOS phones made in The Netherlands! Order your design online: www.bellperre.com
NEW! 👑♟️
Chess; the ultimate game of strategy! This unique chess set will bring a timeless appeal to any living room. This is a game that can be passed down for generations. True to BELLPERRE’s made-to-order tradition, each set will be crafted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
Each chess piece is made as a piece of jewelry in itself. Further on; the chess board is massively impressive, carved from one single piece of solid metal. This chess set is beautifully presented with a smoked wooden gift box, making this masterpiece ideal for gifting.
Now available! €2900 > Design and order here: https://www.bellperre.com/product/chess/
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Paris Vibes with the BELLPERRE Uniq, yellow gold & flawless python🤩🤩! World’s finest luxury phones, powered by Android or iOS!  Design and order online at bellperre.com
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BELLPERRE Classic (€1600), Black Steel & the stylish beauty of finest lizard. Design & Buy your personal phone via www.bellperre.com
Bellperre Uniq 14pro, rosé gold, ostrich leather and up to 1TB. Everyday Elegance powered by iOS & Android, designed online: www.bellperre.com
World’s finest luxury phones, powered by iOS & Android !
World’s finest in luxury communications!! Bellperre Icon steel & lizard! Beautiful outside and world’s best specifications inside!!
Chocolate Brown meets Rosé Gold 👌🤎, with matching Bellperre gloves from the same skin. Only at Bellperre.
BELLPERRE Classic (€1500+) Ultra customizable feature phones! World's finest in authentic materials only! Configurator: www.bellperre.com/classic
World's finest luxury phones powered by iOS & Android, worldwide express shipping.
Designed online: www.bellperre.com
Contemporary Craftsmanship meets Everyday Elegance! 
Powered by iOS & Android, designed online: www.bellperre.com
Attention to Detail, Originality & Exclusivity! For our Android & iOS smartphones. 
BELLPERRE Uniq 14 pro, rosé gold, crocodile, 128GB (€3200)
BELLPERRE Uniq 14 PRO, World's finest luxury phones custom made, Polished Steel meets Flawless Crocodile (€2600) ! 
Configurator: www.bellperre.com or link in bio.
World's finest luxury phones, ‘best of the best’ specifications, powered by iOS & Android! Designed online: www.bellperre.com
BELLPERRE Classic (€1500+) World’s finest feature phones custom made of authentic materials! Order yours via the Configurator: www.bellperre.com/classic
BELLPERRE Icon Rosé Gold, Black Crocodile, powered by S23 Ultra: Superior inside, beautiful outside!! Design online: www.bellperre.com/icon (Matching accessories optional!) 
❎ Hefty 5000mAh battery 
❎ Really fast, handles any app easily
❎ Beautiful screen
❎ Extremely high quality photos
❎ Authentic materials 
❎ Custom made
Custom pouches optional for all Bellperre models. 👌
Get ready for our 100% strong, new Royal Blue steel! Will Never Discolor! Only at BELLPERRE 😉 Order online via the configurators for Android and iOS.
World’s finest luxury phones! Order your design via the configurator online: www.bellperre.com/uniq.
Everyday Elegance meets Contemporary Craftsmanship!
BELLPERRE Classic, custom made of authentic materials only 🤩
Design & Buy online: www.bellperre.com/classic
World’s finest luxury phones! Powered by Android or iOS! Designed online via www.bellperre.com/uniq
Worldwide shipping
World's finest luxury phones, matching accessories optional, custom made in The Netherlands! Up to 1TB.
Online configurator: www.bellperre.com/uniq
BELLPERRE Classic (€1500+) World’s finest in timeless communications, custom made of authentic materials only!  Configurator: www.bellperre.com/classic
World’s finest luxury phones, custom made of authentic materials only. What is your favourite design?
€2900  The Art of Perfection!! Beautiful inside, beautiful outside!! (Best of the best specifications inside)
World class in luxury communications!
BELLPERRE Uniq 14pro, mirror gold, finest crocodile, matching pouch & airpods pro2! €3850 for complete set incl global shipment via: www.bellperre.com/uniq
Finest Lizard & Shark Leather for the One&Only BELLPERRE Classic (€1500+) Designed Online: www.bellperre.com/classic
Digital Detox with the ’voice only’ BELLPERRE Classic (€1500+) a Symbol of Timeless Beauty! -> Design Online: www.bellperre.com/classic
Everyday Elegance meets Contemporary Craftsmanship!
€2400 • World’s finest luxury phones! BELLPERRE Icon S23 Ultra, custom made in The Netherlands, designed online: www.Bellperre.com
Mirror polished steel & precision engravings meet finest black lizard! 👌
€2400 •  World’s finest luxury phones! iOS, Android & Classic phones custom made in The Netherlands, designed online: www.Bellperre.com
Mirror polished steel with ultra fine engravings meets finest black lizard! 👌
€3200 •  Communicate in Style!
The One&Only BELLPERRE Uniq! Made in The Netherlands! Designed online: www.bellperre.com
€3200 -  The Art of Perfection! You can design world's finest luxury phones online via www.bellperre.com/uniq
Aquamarine Croco & Yellow Gold! World's finest luxury communications,
Design online: www.bellperre.com/uniq
Worldwide shipping ✈️
World's finest luxury phones with shagreen leather 👌! This durable skin is covered in tiny bubbles that resist scratching, scuffing & puncturing. Design your own, Worldwide shipping.
BELLPERRE Icon S23 Ultra starting at €2600
Everyday Elegance meets Contemporary Craftsmanship with the exquisite Bellperre Icon luxury phone (€3200)