Chess: There is no denying about the timeless appeal that a good chess set brings to a living room. This unique set has been given the contemporary twist by BELLPERRE, streamlined with chess pieces made of precious metal and elevated with the finest hand wrapped leather (lizard, crocodile, shark etc). The complete BELLPERRE leather collection can be selected. Each of the 32 chess pieces is made as a piece of jewelry in itself. On top, the chess board is massively impressive, carved from one single piece of solid metal. This chess set is beautifully presented with a smoked wooden gift box, making this masterpiece ideal for gifting. This is a game that can be passed down for generations.

A well-played checkmate is a sense of pure satisfaction. It’s the ultimate game of strategy! BELLPERRE makes that feeling even better with this ultimate masterpiece. True to BELLPERRE’s made-to-order tradition, each set will be crafted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 




  • CHESS SET 1 *

  • CHESS SET 2 *


  • Includes: solid metal chessboard, 32 pieces, wooden BELLPERRE giftbox, cotton bag. | Materials: Aluminum, brass, steel, exotic wood, exotic leather | Lead time around 1-5 weeks depending on design | H33cm x W33cm x D3cm | Made in The Netherlands | Worldwide shipping complimentary *

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